Ca i use bathroom and kitchen paint in the bedroom?

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I painted my apartments semi gloss because the paint cleans up so easily but the shine will show imperfections. I'm not working on changing the walls to a satin finish. If you used oil paint in the bathroom and kitchen, don't put it in your bedroom. Latex does well everywhere and is so much easier to handle. You also have to be careful with whatever is on the walls now. Most paints peel off if painted over oil. Like I said I used semi gloss and everyone laughed at me. My very first person to look at the apartment just loved it. I ended up painting the same paint over the kitchen cabinets after sanding them a bit. The paint stayed on and again...easily touched up. It looked so much cleaner and nicer to have the cabinets match the walls...small kitchen and visible from living room...just do the prep work before painting. I should add I ended up painting everything a white with a bit of yellow in it and years later I can go back and get the same color and just touch up the walls and that's with a semi gloss.
Sure. It's generally a glossier sheen than you would put in a bedroom, but you paint according to your own preference.
Yes. The only difference is that bathroom and kitchen paint is glossy or semi glossy so that it will stand up to moisture. High moisture will penetrate flat paint and cause it to peel.
Paint is sold as interior and exterior. Any interior paint can be used in any room. It is just a matter of what color and sheen you want.