What quality of steel are rail road tracks? I have about 100 feet of rail road tracks behind my house that have been forgotten. I was thinking about taking my Oxy acetylene torch and cutting a bit off to make a knife in my forge. Question is, what is the quality of steel? Is it even worth lugging the take over?

Answer: 2
You have asked this question before. 1) Are tracks on YOUR property? 2) You cannot just help yourself to what is there on others land. 3) could the metal be used to make a knife. MAYBE that would depend on your skills as a knife maker. The quality of steel is not identical on every piece of track laying around. Is this some abandoned mine siding that closed a hundred years ago or is it a main line track spur closed a few years ago. If you ask the owner of the track they may be quite pleased if you want to take some.off their hands.
Do you realize that tampering with railroad tracks could be considered a terrorist act? The government takes that sort of thing pretty seriously, even if you think the tracks are abandoned. Besides, you don't own the tracks, it isn't your property to take as you please.