Do employers offer jobs through text messaging? I was offered a job the other night through text messaging asking if I was still looking for a job I have posted my resume on a few job sites so I said yes. He said he wanted to hire me to post ads on craigslist. Anyway he said the pay was 300 a week and he would send me a direct deposit. I was excited by the opportunity so I said yes I would be interested now the first day I had to post this job ad 10 times to 10 different cities but every time the ad was flagged now maybe this guy was scamming me I'm not sure. So we tried posting the ads again from a different email address and they were still being I became confused if this was legit or some scam and I don't want to be part of a scam..anyway he started calling me sweeties sometimes and asked for my picture maybe he wanted to make sure I was real also who knows I sent a professional photo said I was pretty had a nice smile, okay but then he said he was going out of town and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Africa and I was like huh this is getting weird so I became weirded out and decided to not work for this person anymore..I think I was scammed but not really sure.

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It's a scam. Legit employers do not do this.
The job is possibly a scam. The pickup attempt is definitely something you avoid, because if you're a young woman, that's how you disappear into the sex trade for good.
Don't ever reply to a text like that unless its a job you know you applied for, because it could give someone access to your phone
Sounds like it is a scam and that craigslist is aware of it. You need to change your e-mail and phone number and close the bank account if you gave him your deposit information. Good Luck