Homeschooling (in highschool), is it the right decision? Private school up until 9th grade, then went to public school for that year. (I hate it, I hate the education I receive, I hate the people there and I hate the entire system.) I'm planning on homeschooling (as a sophomore), but I don't know if it'll be the right decision. I have NO friends (, and I'm afraid that I won't make any while homeschooling. But all in all, is homeschooling a good choice? Can you make a close friend group while homeschooling? I'd love more information on those things. Would it be easier to stay in public school?

Answer: 1
As a homeschooling mom of twenty years, obviously, I believe homeschooling is a preferred choice. To be successful as a homeschooler, one of three things must be present: 1. parents/teachers who are passionate about their child's education and are willing to sacrifice to be involved in the learning process, 2. a driven student who is determined to face challenges and overcome obstacles, and 3. (this is the best scenario) Both 1 and 2 are in place. My four kids never lacked for friends. However, there were some relationships they avoided just because they did not want the negativity and drama these relationships would have brought. Don't fret about not having friends. Make purposeful choices to find like-minded friends. When deciding to homeschool, the first thing you need to do is determine the reasons for wanting to homeschool. This is the first in a video series in which I examine the different reasons.